Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland

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Welcome to the Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland — an all-island and international legacy for the Decade of Centenaries.

The Treasury re-imagines and reconstructs through digital technologies the Public Record Office of Ireland, a magnificent archive destroyed on June 30th, 1922, in the opening engagement of the Civil War. 

This is an open-access resource, freely and permanently available online to all those interested in Ireland’s deep history at home and abroad. Together with our partners across Ireland and around the world, we are democratizing access to invaluable records and illuminating seven centuries of Irish history.



Gold Seams are full-scale reconstructions of entire series of archives that were destroyed in in 1922

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Deep History, Deepening Connections

Check out some of the presentations from our July 2023 Virtual Treasury 101 Research Showcase: "Into the Past + Back to the Future".

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