Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland


Gold Seams are full-scale reconstructions of entire series of archives destroyed in 1922. These pages include deep historical context and exploration tools, providing an enriched understanding of life at the time.

  • CIRCLE 2.0
  • Medieval Exchequer
  • Cromwellian Surveys
  • 1766 Religious Census


CIRCLE reconstructs the records of the Irish chancery destroyed in 1922 and seeks to provide an accessible and accurate summary in English for letters issued by the Irish chancery between the reigns of Henry III and Henry VII.

Medieval Exchequer

13th — 15th centuries
The Medieval Exchequer Gold Seam provides access to one of the most significant and underused sources for the history of late-medieval Ireland and its connections with Britain and the wider world—the records of the medieval Irish exchequer.

Cromwellian Surveys

17th century
The Cromwellian Surveys Gold Seam provides unprecedented access for anyone researching land ownership in Ireland throughout the early modern period.

1766 Religious Census

18th century
The religious census of 1766 is one of the richest sources available to the historical and genealogical researcher for the period prior to the commencement of the statutory census series in 1813.