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Merchants and Mariners – Abbreviations

Below is a list of the most common abbreviations utilised to reference source materials in the Merchants and Mariners index card collection.

This is not an exhaustive list. The reference sources for abbreviations not listed here may be found in the bibliography of Merchants and Mariners in Medieval Ireland (Dublin, 1987, pp 149–pp 159).

Anglo Ir. trade in 16 Century  A.K. Longfield, Anglo-Irish Trade in the Sixteenth Century (London, 1929)
A. Conn. Annala Connacht: The Annals of Connacht, A.D. 1224–1544, ed. A.M. Freeman (Dublin, 1944)
A Cosgrove NHI II A New History of Ireland II: Medieval Ireland, ed. Art Cosgrove (Oxford, 1987)
A.F.M. Annála Ríoghachta Éireann: Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters from the Earliest Period to the Year 1616, ed. and trans. John O’Donovan (7 vols, Dublin, 1851; reprint New York, 1966)
A.U. Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat: a chronicle of Irish affairs from A.D. 431 to A.D. 1540, ed. W.M. Hennessy and B. MacCarthy (4 vols, Dublin, 1887–1901)
Berry: Statutes / Stats Henry VI Statute Rolls of the Parliament of Ireland, Reign of King Henry VI, ed. H.F. Berry (Dublin, 1910)
Berry: Wills & Inventories  Register of Wills and Inventories of the Diocese of Dublin, in the Time of the Archbishops Tregury and Walton, ed. H.F. Berry (Dublin, 1898)
Bridbury: Salt Trade  A.R. Bridbury, England and the Salt Trade in the Later Middle Ages (Oxford, 1955)
Buirgéisí  Gearóid Mac Niocaill, Na Buirgéisí, XII–XV Aois (2 vols, Dublin, 1964)
Burwash, Eng Merch Shipping  Dorothy Burwash, English Merchant Shipping, 1460–1540 (Newton Abbot, 1969)
Cal. Carew MSS. Bk of Howth  Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts Preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, 1515–74 [etc.] (6 vols, London, 1867–1873)
Carus-Wilson Mcht Venturers E.M. Carus-Wilson, Medieval Merchant Venturers (London, 1967)
C. CL. R. Rich II Calendar of the Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 2, 1381–1385 [etc.] (London, 1920 [etc.])
Cal. Gormanston Reg. Calendar of the Gormanston Register, ed. James Mills and N.J. McEnery (Dublin, 1916)
Cal. Just. Rolls Irl / C. Just. R. (1295–1303) [etc.] Calendar of the Justiciary Rolls, or Proceedings in the Court of the Justiciar of Ireland … 1295–1303 [etc.], ed. James Mills (2 vols, Dublin, 1905, 1914)
Cal Or. Deeds / Or. Deeds Calendar of Ormond Deeds, ed. Edmund Curtis (6 vols, Dublin, 1932–1943)
C.C.R. (1333–37) [etc.] Calendar of the Close Rolls, Edward III: Volume 3, 1333–1337 [etc.] (London, 1898 [etc.])
C.D.I. Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland, ed. H.S. Sweetman (5 vols, London, 1875–1886)
Ch. St Mary’s Ab.  Chartularies of St. Mary’s Abbey, Dublin with the Register of Its House at Dunbrody and Annals of Ireland, ed. J.T. Gilbert (2 vols, London, 1884)
Chester Customs  Chester Customs Accounts 1301–1566, ed. K.P. Wilson (Liverpool, 1969)
C.P.R. (1354–58) [etc.]  Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office. Edward III, Vol X, A.D. 1354–1358 [etc.] (London, 1909 [etc.])
Cullen: Life in Irl.  L.M. Cullen, Life in Ireland (London, 1968)
Exchequer Rolls of Scot.  The Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, Vol. i (1264–1359), ed. John Stuart and George Burnett (Edinburgh, 1878)
Gaelic & Gaelicized Irl. K.W. Nicholls, Gaelic and Gaelicized Ireland in the Middle Ages (Dublin, 1972)
Gross: Guild Merchant I Charles Gross, The Guild Merchant: A Contribution to British Municipal History (2 vols, Oxford, 1890)
Hardiman Galway James Hardiman, The History of the Town and County of Galway (Dubin, 1820; reprint Galway, 1926, 1958)
HMC Rep 10 App.  Historical Manuscripts Commission rep. 10, app v (1885)
Hore, Wexford P.H. Hore, History of the Town and County of Wexford (6 vols, London, 1900–1911)
James: Wine Trade M.K. James, Studies in the Medieval Wine Trade, ed. E.M. Veale (Oxford, 1971)
J.R.S.A.I.  Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 
“Kings Council in Irl”  A Roll of the Proceedings of the King’s Council in Ireland for a Portion of the Sixteenth Year of the Reign of Richard II 1392–93, ed. James Graves (London, 1877)
Lydon: Eng. & Irl. in the Late M.A.  J.F. Lydon (ed.), England and Ireland in the Later Middle Ages (Dublin, 1981)
Mc Fibs Ann   John OʼDonovan, ‘The Annals of Ireland, from the Year 1443 to 1468, Translated from the Irish by Dudley Firbisse, or, as he is more usually called, Duald Mac Firbis, for Sir James Ware, in the year 1666’, The Miscellany of the Irish Archaeological Society 1 (1846), pp 198–302
N.H.I.  A New History of Ireland
Oakbook of Southampton  The Oak Book of Southampton of c. A.D. 1300, ed. Paul Studer (3 vols, Southampton, 1910–1911)
Platt: Eng. Med. Town Colin Platt, The English Medieval Town (London, 1976)
Ports and Harbours of Cornwall Richard Pearse, The Ports and Harbours of Cornwall: an Introduction to the Study of 800 Years of Maritime Affairs (St Austell, 1963)
P.R.O.I. Public Record Office of Ireland 
P.R.I.A.  Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy
R.I.A.        Royal Irish Academy
Rot Pat Hib  Rotulorum Patentium et Clausorum Cancellariae Hiberniae Calendarium, ed. Edward Tresham (Dublin, 1828)
O.T.B. E.M. Carus-Wilson, The Overseas Trade of Bristol in the Later Middle Ages (Bristol, 1937)
Rep. D.K. P.R.I. [etc.]  First [etc.] Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records in Ireland (Dublin, 1869 [etc.])
Salzman, Med Eng Trade L.F. Salzman, English Trade in the Middle Ages (London, 1964)
Trans. Royal Hist. Soc. Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
W. Childs, IRESHR  W.A. Childs, ‘Ireland’s Trade with England in the Later Middle Ages’, Irish Economic and Social History 9:1 (1982), pp 5–33
Wilson Port of Chester  K.P. Wilson, ‘The Port of Chester in the Later Middle Ages’ (Ph.D. thesis, University of Liverpool, 1965)


Illustration by Timothy O'Neill
Illustration by Timothy O'Neill
Illustration by Timothy O'Neill