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Launch of Analecta Hibernica Special Issue

On 29 November, the Irish Manuscripts Commission launched Analecta Hibernica Special Issue No. 53: “The Fire of 1922” edited by Dr Elva Johnston, VRTI Director Dr Peter Crooks, and VRTI Research Fellow Dr Timothy Murtagh. Many of the papers within the issue were authored by VRTI team members.

From left to right: VRTI Director Peter Crooks, Professor Thomas O’Connor (Maynooth), Professor Elva Johnston (UCD), IMC Chair John McCafferty, VRTI Research Fellow Dr Timothy Murtagh

The following papers are included (* = VRTI team member):

Title Author(s)
Introduction – ‘For fear of oblivion’: Archival fragility and persistence from the Middle Ages to 1922 — and beyond P. Crooks*, E. Johnston and T. Murtagh*
The salved records of 1922 P. Crooks* and Z. Reid with J. Baldwin, C. Fahy and B. Gurrin*
The state of the Irish Exchequer, c. 1284 E. Biggs* and P. Dryburgh*
‘Of old time annexed to your crown’: Documents on the Irish parliament and the crisis of 1441–2 P. Crooks* and L. Kilgallon*
Early membership lists of the Dublin Guild of Carpenters, 1514–20 S. Hendriks*
An invitation to an early modern Irish funeral or a celebration? B. McGrath
The ‘humble desires’ of the General Convention of Ireland, 1660 N. Johnston*
Financing counter- revolution: A ledger from the Irish Government Consol, 1797–9 D. Brown*
Notes from the Chief Secretary’s office: Edward Cooke’s letters to Sir Edward Hill, 1795–1802 T. Murtagh*
Surviving returns from the 1813–15 census of Ireland B. Gurrin*
Documents and destruction: Selections from the Public Record Office of Ireland Correspondence Collection at the National Archives, Ireland, 1867–1922 C. Wallace*
The survivors: A photographic essay P. Crooks*, B. Gurrin* and Z. Reid with J. Baldwin, P. Dryburgh* and C. Wallace*

IMC Chairman John McCafferty

Professor Thomas O’Connor

VRTI Director Peter Crooks

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Thursday, 30 November 2023, 5:00 PM

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